Cara Negri

While the majority of our staff and brands are located in Dunedin, New Zealand, one key member of the team is located all the way over in the US, Cara Negri is the Director of PnO Data solutions, a Tarn Group brand dedicated to helping Orthotic and Prosthetic professionals document, collaborate, and justify their clinical decisions.

Interested in problem solving, mechanics and working hands on with patients, she started working for a Prosthetic facility in high school and continued work as a prosthetic technician while attending a co-op program to undertake a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in bioengineering.

Prior to the development of PnO data solutions Cara was working in Australia using a Tarn Group product, Siliconcoach, to educate other professionals about the benefits of video analysis in regard to properly fitting prosthetics and orthotics. Unfortunately due to the fact Siliconcoch wasn’t designed specifically for this area, she found herself using lots of her time establishing how to adapt the system in regards to P&O. Looking for a solution, she approached The Tarn Group and proposed the development of a specific P&O video analysis system that would allow prosthetists and orthotists to observe pre- and post-fitting comparisons. PnO Data Solutions is the only video analysis company designed specifically for P&O, to analyse a patient's rehabilitation through methodical procedures and use the information to aid in decision-making, and justify their clinical decisions.

Besides helping develop ideas and the software used in PnO, Cara works closely with our clients to make sure their individual needs are met. Out of the office she speaks at national and international events to educate other professionals about video analysis and how to incorporate it into their practice.

With the success of PnO Cara is hoping in the future to create more industry specific video analysis software, with her sights set on entering the Rehab/physical therapy market, where she believes much of the information and tools developed for P&O can be used and adjusted to cater for this area. As well as branching into other areas, her focus is on increasing the education and incorporation into education of PnO Data Solutions, targeting not only current professionals but integrating systems into more schools to begin educating at the beginning of careers.

We're proud to have Cara aboard our team, helping us make a positive difference in the lives of patients and professionals in the P&O community.

Check out the PnO website and YouTube channel to get a preview of what there is on offer:

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