Te Ako Wools revolutionising wool harvesting training

We've teamed up with Te Ako Wools to create a training program for the wool harvesting industry that fosters strong relationships from the grassroots to the retail end.  

Te Ako Wools is owned and governed by the New Zealand Shearing Contractors' Association with the support of the Primary ITO and Beef + Lamb New Zealand. It aims to provide training services to support trainees in the NZ wool harvesting industry.  

They needed an appropriate vehicle to deliver accessible, quality training. By combining traditional face-to-face learning with our online learning, it keeps training consistent and efficient, resulting in access to a much wider pool of trained staff and the latest advances in equipment, technology and best practice. 

Keep an eye on Te Ako Wools - at the rate they're going, it won't be long until they are world leaders in the wool harvesting industry.  

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