We're proud to be supporting LAUNCH during Dunedin Tech week!

LAUNCH, created by HATCH,  is targeted at Intermediate and secondary school female students, schools are invited to enter young women from their school into this event designed to promote female participation in the tech industry.  

We think this is a great opportunity to increase awareness of opportunities within the tech industry and to promote the creativity of our young people.

Held on Friday 25th May between 9am-3pm, in teams of 3, students will develop software solutions to problems presented to them at the beginning of the day. The focus will be on design as well as functionality. Participants do not need to have had prior experience in this area but it would be beneficial if at least one of the team members had some programming experience.  

Not only is this an opportunity to promote female participation in the tech industry but it also gives these students a chance to work alongside industry mentors.  

If this sounds like something your students/children would be interested in don’t forget to register, we're excited to see the cool ideas our young people can come up with. 

Register here: https://hatch.education/tech-week/  


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